Love is The Answer (Just a Poem)

Why you so sad?
Why you cry?
What is your feeling now?
No…it is not too hard like your imagine
Just start it, then you will feel better
You never know if you never try
You’ll never see the sunlight before you see the moonlight at night
You’ll never see the rainbow if you never see the rain

Don’t surrender…
Please keep straight in this way, because the choice is yours
Don’t worry about any obstacles you have to pass
Don’t worry because everything is going to be fine

I know how difficult the way is
But I realize it will make us stronger than this
Believe me it will make us more struggle

Until someday when I see your smile, I will realize what I live to life
A beautiful moment when I can see you closer
Because you make me prouder than anything I ever could achieved
So as the years roll by
Whatever the future will happen
I promise I’ll be there by your side
That’s why Allah sent you to me
Because Love is The Answer


Linda J Kusumawardani

Blogger ^Pembelajar dari Kehidupan^

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