Some Inspiring Quotes (Life Series…)

Some Inspiring Quotes (Life Series)

Sometimes we need something which can be our inspiration from many ways. You can find your inspiration by reading a book, hearing an advice or the story from another people, watching some events, and others. This morning I try to find out some inspirations in my head….

“Everybody’s got something they had to leave behind, one regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time, there’s no use looking back or wondering…how we could now or neither been…”. (by…S club 7, Never had a Dream Come True Lyrics)

Those are inspiring quotes, comes from one my favourite song when I was eleven something. Actually, the song is a love song. But I like a part one above, don’t see the entire part, because you will see another meaning.

Everyone has a different way in this life, because life is a choice. Each of you could choose the way of your life for the future, but you can’t remove the moments from the past even only one moment. “Life must go on“ , If there are many mistakes from the past, sometimes it would be your regret. But, you couldn’t change it anymore. Our curve of life should have some indentations in order to more colorful our life, not always have a horizontal form. Sure, Problems will come in your life, we can’t deny it. Therefore, problems in our life will make us grow up and being ready to face the future. Everyone will be adult but not everyone will have adolescent. Another inspiring words “Life is never flat”…hmm….it is true, right??? So, your problems have to be faced…Don’t run away…

One thing the most important is you have to always remember that you have Allah…ya, how big is your problem, it doesn’t matter because you have Allah the greatest one. Allah is every wish… no one can deny His fate. Just surrender your heart and soul to him, then you’ll be better because my, your and our life is in “His Hand”…It’s like one of Maher Zain’s song lyrics “Don’t despair, you’ll never loose cause Allah is always by your self…InsyaAllah you’ll find your way”.

The happiness doesn’t come from our properties, how much your money , how big your house is or from our physics,how beautiful or handsome you are…surely, I will say -You will lost it by the time-

Hmm…I remember one story about Mush’ab bin Umair (“Sahabat Rasul” I like the most… :D), His story has been inspiring me since I heard his story at the first time. You can see how big his fight is, he decided to leave all of his properties to reach his last destination (Allah….). Whereas, we know that he was a rich person. Moreover, the most event could touch your heart is how the way he was dying. Even a sheet of cloth couldn’t cover his whole body. He has been teaching us that world and all the properties in are not the things we need and not for good.

Okay…those are some inspiring quotes in the morning…

Wishing Allah will bless us…Amiin…Keep Istiqomah and Let’s take the best to be the best in Front of Him….Because, Allah is always watching us….

This one will be the last inspiring quote…

“You never can hide from witnessing the hearing, eyesight and your skin against you, even you think that God does not know most of what you do” (Q.S. Fushshilat {41} : 22)

Linda J Kusumawardani

In My Room, November 26 th, 2010

Blogger ^Ketika Setiap Kata Bermakna^


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