Just a simple words…


Through the night….

I try to find

Beyond the darkness

It seems too hard

Even the distance looks too far

I know that You are so close

Not in my sight

But in my mind and my heart, Allah….

It should be the happiness when the moment has come

or moreover it…..

But, I worry….too worry….

There are some words to say late

Through the prayer….

I try to ask something about

Even I can’t explain the reason why

Even it might not be the right one for me

However, let me ask…


Through the time….

I keep walking on this way

Even sometimes it’s hard to breath

Even it needs a long time

But I could see Your Heaven

Somewhere will be the last place

Somewhere which captivates my heart

If it is not caused by You

Perhaps, I couldn’t rein my heart…



You are every wish…

There’s nowhere to run I have no place to go

Surrender my heart, body and soul

Oh Allah…Only You

Linda J Kusumawardani

Bogor, 22 November 2010

Blogger ^Ketika Setiap Kata Bermakna^


8 thoughts on “Just a simple words…

  1. Absolutely right ! The certainty just come from The Almighty, Alloh SWT..
    Be strong, be patient, and just believe that you can through over all.. Keep Tawakal ! 🙂

  2. hmm..yeah “it” is so complicated, even mystery…

    so am I…for now I’m lil bit (no, I mean often) fidgety about it
    but if we always fidgety ’bout sumtin’ which no one know ’bout it (except HE) we can’t movin’ forward gals…
    I know that’s so hard…but surely u can trough it well dear…with HIS love and mercy
    the best wishes for u my beloved sist ^o^

    *with warm hug

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