It’s Aspiration Something…

I am an ordinary person and still ordinary. I do love my family, My Mom, My Dad and my brothers (one of them passed away on Feb 2010). I didn’t come from rich family, but my parents have been giving me a highly support for the education field since I was a child. I proud to have both of them as my parents. Just a simple thing and simple aspiration I want to achieve, that would be dedicated for my family, my kids and my husband in the future, and the last is for the people around me. What is it???? Because of Allah as my purpose, Bismillah…become an Educator.

There are some reasons…The key word is Architect of Civilization.

Someday I’m going to become a mother, InsyaAllah…Surely be a good mother for my children someday. And together with my husband I’ll take the best effort to educate our children…InsyaAllah, Amin. Mother is the real architect of civilization. Being a good mother is not easy, because it’s like a model for the children. Therefore, women has to prepare it well within a long time before become a mother. Why? Because, family is basic education for the children before entering the formal education. Hence, If each mother has a deep understanding of her role, just wait and see what will happen in the future.

In addition, we could find another source of architect of civilization. Where is it?? In Formal Education. Formal education is the second place where the characters of human are formed. I want to take a part of this one. As my parents, I also have the same opinion that education is the most important thing for people development in the worldwide. Obviously, education is a basic knowledge development. However, knowledge won’t become valuable without our faithful to Allah as our God. Actually, Holy Quran has said before about the knowledge since the human didn’t know anything, it has taught us anything. In the other hand, Hadith from our prophet Muhammad SAW also told us about how knowledge important is.

Nowadays, knowledge of moeslem’s people is still way behind. Because, most of the knowledge have been dominated by Western. Whereas, moeslems have been take the rein of knowledge at the previous time.  So, now it should be our “Big Job”…how to take it back???

Therefore, Become an Educator with Quran & Hadith as a basic is one of my aspirations….Not only for my children someday but also for “Ummat”…

Allah…Allah…please, gives me the power to pursue that aspiration while I keep trying to carried out this hadith “Khoirunnas Anfauhum Linnas” in the other side, Wherever and Whenever I am…Only because of You ya Rabb…


Linda J Kusumawardani

Bogor, 21 November 2010

Blogger ^Ketika Setiap Kata Bermakna^


5 thoughts on “It’s Aspiration Something…

  1. hmm…noble aspiration sist ^^b

    surely (with HIS Majesty) we can reach it

    just need feet which are walking longer…
    just need hands which are doing more…
    just need willpower which is stronger thousand times than steel…
    (5 cm)

    Man Jadda Wajada ^o^9

  2. I know the pict is automatically appear…
    but I really don’t like if my pict, sumthin’ like that >,<

    *huuaaaaaaa…..aslinya kan cantik…^^

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